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Dear Stydia shippers,

I get that you love your ship and want to show the world how perfect it is, but PLEASE GET YOUR OWN F*****G TAG and stop tagging your posts as Stalia. Okay, I’m in the Stalia tag ‘cause I want to see ONLY Stalia, not Stydia ‘cause I’m not interested.



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Hate me for who I am, at least I’m not pretending to be someone I’m not.

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au: stiles and malia date.

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►Stiles & Malia | Call Your Name 

WATCH IN HD 720p, it’s better for your eyes. 

"Can you hear me when I call your name?". 

► Fandom: Teen Wolf.

► Song:

► Program used: Sony Vegas Pro 11. 

► Coloring&watermark: Mine.

► Author’s note:

Pretty much AU Stalia video.

Comments, likes, subscribers make me very happy, yay.

Thanks for watching.

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Reblog if you ship Stalia!


I wanna make sure I’m not alone here. ~

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Dylan O’Brien #Giffoni Film Festival 21/07/14 

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Just to clarify, Dylan didn’t pick anything between Stydia and Stalia. He said he loves them both, plus he added good things about both the ships.

Don’t post just a part of his answer and add that ‘omg, Dylan ships my ship’. That matters if we’re talking about Stydia or Stalia.

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cursor by Silke :3